First Week of Month: n00bs

On the first week of the month, join us if you’re a beginner and need help getting set up. And also join us if you want to help people just getting started. We will help you get Ruby and/or Rails setup on your machine and answer any tooling questions you have and help you get started moving forward.

Second Week of Month: Tutorial

Join us to work on learning something new together. The second week involves learning a new piece of tech, or following a tutorial together to get something up and running. Dabble in something new.

Third Week of Month: Katas & Algorithms

On the third week of the month, you can expect to write algorithms and complete code challenges. You can find these on codewars and the like, or we can share some of our favorites with you. Language agnostic.

Here are examples of the kind of code challenges we'll do:

  1. Exercism
  2. HackerRank
  3. Project Euler
  4. Code Wars
  5. Coder Byte

Fourth Week of Month: Code Review

Bring your code and questions! If you are stuck on a project and need help, this is where to go. As a programmer, it’s important to sharpen your skills by reviewing other programmers’ code, so this is great practice.

Fifth Week of Month: Nerd Party

On the rare occasion of a fifth week, there will be a party. A nerd party. Bring nerdy shit.

We will also have special events with talks and whatnot, but those do not follow a set schedule.